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News Flash: Humble Poet’s Birthday Wish for Peace, Decolonization and Glitter Granted!

February 19, 2010

Phew! Sitting on my balcony teary at the multihued ocean of people flowing through my street, taking in all the sights and sounds of the annual international parade in my honor. I love how loud and glittery it is.

Much props to the talented sound engineers to creating the perfect sound scape. And to the lighting engineers thanks for the box of sunshine. You know how sound and ambiance is so important to me! Also the brilliant event organizers have managed to keep the performance flow going without any lag time, everyone seems entertained and joyful which helps keep my crowd anxiety at an all time low.

All the children enacting their visions of a queer and decolonized, borderless utopia makes my heart sing! I love how they are so patient with this ugly process of decolonization. It’s unending but so necessary.

It really gets me all *feelings* how this country honors its poets and artists when all we want to do is speak our truth ( it ain’t always pretty) engage in the ritual, reflect visions and give gifts of moments lost and histories reclaimed flipped and rewritten exposing the wound to inspire transformation. That is all. I know. We make this look easy.

Thank you for this honor. Giving thanks to my mother and father and the ancestors for giving me life on this day many moons ago and to my chosen family/community that makes it all worth living.

I am your humble servant! (Just don’t boss me around or you will not see the god in me…) and remember today all sins are forgiven and/or encouraged.

P.S. Really after all these honors no need to give me anything more than your presence love and affection, but if you feel you *must*  I love poems, short stories, flash fiction, memories, mixed tapes, serenatas, song dedications, hugs and kisses, consent, glitter, rainbows, spread sheets, a color coordinated closet, love and support, artwork, demonstrations of your favorite dance moves and yummy dishes in my honor.

Post Data: I am so very humbled by all this attention. Please don’t stop though because of my shyness. And remember when you bat your eyelashes at me, pay the price of admission and laugh at my jokes borders come tumbling down, everyone has a place to live with dignity and a queen gets her wings.

Listen/view/read some alternative media or a book even, or write something new in my/your honor. Get up get out and do something, cause you and I need to do for you and I… And if you need to doubt something, doubt your limits.

Invocation: bendita sea entre todas las mujeres (que rico) amen & ahhhwomen & can I get an uuuuuuuuu ooooh genderfierce borderland dwellers *prince scream* amor inshalahinlakech tantish ashé shanté okaaaaaaaay. (throws glitter, drops the mic and stomps away)

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