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This Friday May 30 Noon- 2pm I’ll be on Radio Valencia

May 29, 2014

TOMORROW. NOON. I resurrect my Radio DJ past (“Soy Maya La Guacamaya y estamos aquí en plena acción…ka. zeta. ese. se. Santa Cruz ochienta ocho punto uno”) and talk about my musical inspirations while writing the Cha Cha Files as a special guest of Margarita Azucar (Radio Valencia)

Got any requests? You know I’m going to play anything ranging from Prince, Depeche Mode, Lisa Lisa, Heroes del Silencio, Salt n Pepa and Debbie Gibson…just kidding. No Debbie Gibson… maybe Tiffany though… OmG. If I still had that CD with Pilar from Los Abandonded when she was in art school I would so play that! 

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