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A Hope Lexis: (us) in progress)

March 3, 2010

I wish I could sign up for punctual intellectual/em-BODY-ied know-ledge pep talks/instant messages/texts/email blasts/ like signing up for daily horoscopes.

I’d also like to slash and dash through the (parenthetical) identity spaces of hyphenated name calling and come up with daily trans-national decolonial anti-oppression dance moves that reinvigorate our daily missions.

I wish we could engage at each others levels until everyone felt heardbut barely said a word and you wouldn’t interrupt my stutter because you think you know better.

I wish revolutionary self-care were a required subject in high school.

I wish I got more hugs in a day and that respectful eye contact from above/ below/in-between were a given.

I wish I could space-time travel to the exact locations where I am wanted, needed, effective and just to bear witness.

I wish I could remember that love is what I was born to do.

I wish loneliness would quit arguing with intimacy about silence and make amends with time.

I wish the burden of discipline came out in syncopated song harmonies even when the clouds hide the sun.

I wish polite anger and so-called irrational outbursts could double date with guilty repressed self hate and recognized- privileged-solidarity.

I wish I could eat your tears with rainbow kisses and quench my thirst for 8 daily glasses of balance, self-determination and growth.

I wish I could archive our knowledge of pain, self-destruction and manifest destiny, to only revisit when I needed a reminder of how far we’ve come.

I wish everyone got credit for the work they’ve done and extra credit for fleeting thoughts, mediation meditation and verbs that bridge the chasms.

I wish I had a big glitter filled pen to write in the names where the documents left you out over and over until everyone had their say, exhausting the possibilities, only taking a union break for healthy snacks and structured consensual affection.

I wish we weren’t in competition with crumbs and that we could form a new Voltron-being anytime we needed to call on each others powers. I wish hibernation didn’t draw attention to your absence.

I wish I could give degrees in harmony, spirit and collective progress and that you/I understood my/our herstory like I know yours/theirs.

I wish I didn’t loose my breath when I/you need to speak my/your truth. I wish the powerful had to play rainy day games to remind them that they are small.

I wish lovemaking gave birth to the earth’s breath evenly distributing health, sustenance and star shine to those who are hungry in the love vacuum.

I wish intellect didn’t make emotions feel less than. I wish release valves were built by prisoners insight into hierarchy towers of pressed chests gasping oppression.

I wish we were required to renew ceremony every time like car registrations, library books or TV seasons.

I wish every status knew each speck has its place, that updates were more than a wish that created shelter from the norm’s storm.

I wish I could draw mathematical equations out of recycled materials that gave us all we need.

I wish inspiration never ran out of battery.

I wish I could say, dance, sing, be all the words/visions/theories/encyclopedias/flesh I/You need to hear, see, touch, be.

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