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Cuts Deep

September 25, 2009

Been working on this one for a couple of weeks. Still working but wanted to share something new. Let me know if you have any feedback or critiques or feelings or what hits you or doesn’t. Much love.

Cuts Deep

you came to me with your open wound
and I drop everything because this time I can fix it
fix you
and in the process I will be healed
cause I will finally be successful at something
you will be that something I think
and I will stand back and admire my work
you will be that work of art
and I will be your savior your hero your smart girl
the one who has it all together
the one who knows it all
the wise old soul trapped in this baby’s body.

I will be whole happy and ready to fix the
next problem
turned project turned work of art

but of course that isn’t how it is
how it should be
I get lost in you I don’t fix you you need even more of me I loose me I drop me I am gone and you get lost in me too.
you hate me for wanting to fix you for thinking you need to be fixed for helping you don’t appreciate it you hate that I know so much you put me down because I know things you don’t, you criticize you tell me I don’t know.
you wish I was better more whole that I did things the way you would.
That I don’t fix
I open up the wound
and explore how you got it
you tell me about all your tragedy and I want to heal you cause I know I can if you just let me if I just forget about me if I forget about me I don’t have to deal with me
or my wounds my mistakes my fears my weaknesses

I am the wound

you are the wounded

we are walking wounded

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