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September 4, 2009

I wrote this poem today riffing off of a line or two I had stashed away as an intro for two of my poetry classes and also as part of my goal to write a poem a day for 30 days. I suppose if I pushed myself harder I should have written two different poems but I felt each class was asking me to do the same thing but in different words.

One asked me to introduce myself. The other asked me to “write a poem that conveys your consideration of craft.” One was a ‘poetry for the people’ class where I feel right at home with their discussion of ground rules, how trauma gets handed down, positions of power and authority, art and it’s existence in the beloved community; the other was a ‘craft of poetry’ class that already makes me tense with it’s discussion about constraints, restraint and distinctions between “language poets” and everything else…but I am pushing myself to stay open and in the conversation.

Feeling torn between wanting to try new forms and just wanting to improve on what I already do…wanting to tell stories that matter (at least to me) or leaving poetry all together and just call what I do “Creative Non-Fiction” performance art or write plays. So here she is. Still considering the line breaks, order and everything else.
Warning: there are food references in this poem. 😉

like the people
Central American superhero
powered on black beans
tortillas and el pueblo unido

I be a radical loving rebel girl
sensitive but not breakable

I be a two spirit open heart school girl humble diva

I am the breaking point
the verge
the edge
emotional living
on the surface
defender of the universe
lover of activities in bed

I have a warriors insight
Planning and multitasking.

I am big heart love protected by a force field of
preparation and ancestral knowledge
living in a broken tongue
remembering what I love

that first moment that first sound that first time that first kiss

love in the time of aids riots and bilingual hate
heart break back beat floating down the river of several rhythm nations

I am the topic of gossip and misinterpretation

my matrix jumping ways make you nervous
because you lack my context

tough stuff sweet heart big dreamer
corny tamale palabrista

calling on the silence and making it loud.

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  1. September 4, 2009 1:36 am

    Great work! You should check out this poetry competition: Ellechor Publishing thrives on helping aspiring authors and part-time dabblers reach their potential. This is why we host an annual “Reach the Stars” Publishing Contest, to assist authors as they reach for their goals.

    There are two anthologies that will be published with the top writers who enter: the first will be a collection of children’s short stories and the second will be a collection of poetry. For more information check out today!

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