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This Thursday and Friday

June 8, 2009

This month is an intense one for me. Lot’s of hard work paying off and lot of well deserved celebrating in the works. This social butterfly has been in her homebody protective cocoon for too long! After much practice and hard work it’s time to join in the communal ritual: perform, give, receive then celebrate! Starting Thursday, this weekend will be well worth the wait, anxiety and anticipation I am sure. I’m trying to pace myself, not get too overwhelmed and enjoy myself but man I just have nothing to wear…

If I see you at one of these events I promise you won’t be disappointed. I can actually guarantee it. Yup. Maya seal of approval events. I’m also feeling the need for hugs and kisses from all whom I love, appreciate and admire so come and enjoy these events with me. There is always the potential that after this show you might be inspired to love and adore me… watch out now. (Oh great. Am I scaring away the lovelies and inspiring the creepies with that last line? Allegedly I am shy.)

 I truly feel the creative work I do is for sharing, revealing & affirming life and of course for laughing, celebrating and taking it to that next level. And who knew all that pain, melancholy and deep brooding about the status of the world and my place in it could turn out to be so much sexy fun? Yes people. It’s possible. I am living proof that misery is hellaaaa funny. It’s probably why people think I’m so happy go lucky. It’s cause I take my pain and make art, friends.  It’s survival. 

Please feel free to announce these events and pass them along. Much love love love love and hope to see you soon. **************

Standard Deviations: Grown and Sexy Goes Deep

Complex, articulate, delicious, mentally ferocious yet ridiculously playful divas seek active audience with a few highly pertinent kinks for a stimulating exchange in vibrant energy. Have a weakness for hoodrats, academics, students, engineers, teachers, mechanics, activists, postal workers and all those in the service industry…you know the type…Can’t promise a revolution but if it happens then we can say we did it together…Must have an eye for beauty. Expect fireworks. Must be available June 11 @ 8pm. Meet at La Peña. Bring friends. We’ll be waiting. 

Featuring: Las Manas Tres(Maya, Milta &Cruz), Gabriella Callender (from Mahina Movement), Chueh Jun-Fung & Stephani René Candelaria-Waidelich


*showing opening night June 12, 6pm* (FREE so get there early)

“The poetic journey of a child of the Central American solidarity movement who uses words to build bridges between her family history and present day immigrant rights struggles.” 

Written and Directed by Maya Chinchilla, a Guatemalan writer, poet, filmmaker, radical loving social justice diva; spreading love, laughter and solidarity wherever she goes. 

Friday, June 12th 

6:00pm Doors Open & Reception

7:30pm Opening Night Screening: Multiple Borders 


Two Embrace (Carrie House, 2009, 5 mins)

Mi Casa Es Mi Casa (Marta Martinez, 2009, 6 mins)

A Letter Home (Shahrzad M. Davis, 2009, 5 mins)

Homeschool (So Yung Kim, 2009, 4 mins)

A Genealogy of Dreams (Champika Fernando, 2009, 7 mins)

Passports, Love & Disco (Marlene Legaspi, 2009, 9 mins)

The Visit (Jacqueline Francis, 2009, 8 mins)

Lucha (Maria Breaux, 2009,15 mins)

*Solidarity Baby (Maya Chinchilla, 2009, 6 mins)*

Color Watch (Jillian Soto, 2009, 7 mins) 

* 10:00pm Opening Night Party: Bollyhood Café

3372 19th Street @ Mission Street, San Francisco


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