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March 19, 2009

The spirits have been talking
and I need to learn to listen
They visit sit with me cry with me to sleep
wake me in the middle of the night
shapes of you enter my dreams.
they know I’m not ready.
your life has consumed me from the day we met
Ancestors ayudame!

So gentle then. So giving. So peaceful.
Hiding all the darkness stuffing it down
pretending convincing that birth canceled out death.

We dreamt together
became soul mates.
Inspired each other
on our path built with hope and conviction.
Belief when faith was gone.

Images of threes dance forth.
I hear your cries in my dreams.
I sweat out your fears praying to fend off the madness.

I thought I was crazy when I started to see visions.
They visit me. Tell me everything.
Not knowing how to tap in the third eye with any clarity
I thought it was me
slipping into the locura of it all.
But it is time
to listen.

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