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Sinister Wisdom @ Bird & Beckett Books in SF

March 13, 2009

 I am reading as part of this amazing line up of artists this Saturday. It is very special to me because it is the first time I am part of an all queer Latina line up. Very exciting and very beautiful to be in this space and would very much love for you to be there to share that excitement and the publication of my work in this volume with me. It’s nice and early in the afternoon at 2-4pm. Hope to see you there.



March 14, 2009                                                               Bird & Beckett Books, San Francisco, CA



Call us at (415) 586-3733
or email


Bird & Beckett is San Francisco’s 
southernmost literary & jazz joint 

located in the heart of the city’s 
Glen Park neighborhood

653 Chenery Street,
between Diamond & Castro
1-1/2 blocks from Glen Park BART station
& MUNI lines 23, 26, 44, 52 & J-Church


Sinister Wisdom 74: Latina Lesbians (2008)

Reading and Celebration


“This issue of Sinister Wisdom is dedicated to: the memory of all the Latina lesbians who have come before us; incarcerated women, who comprise a third of Sinister Wisdom’s readership; and those who, inside or outside the closet, continue to struggle around the world for our voices to be heard and our rights respected.   It brings together the worlds of 76 women born in 12 Latin American countries and the U.S.”          


“Este ejemplar de Sinister Wisdom está dedicado a la memoria de todas las lesbianas latinas que nos han precedido, las mujeres encarceladas que componen una tercera parte de las lectoras de Sinister Wisdom, y a aquellas que, desde dentro y fuera del armario (closet), continúan luchando en el mundo para que nuestras voces sean escuchadas y nuestros derechos, respetados. Este ejemplar de Sinister Wisdom reune las voces de 76 mujeres nacidas en 12 países latinoamericanos y Estados Unidos.”


Guest Editor/Editora Invitada: Juanita Ramos




JUANITA RAMOS: Editor, award winning Boricua educator y feminista


LEA ARELLANO-La Chola Priest: Creative Arts performer sin igual


PATRICIA CONTRERAS FLORES: Youth worker, poet, Latina dancer


LUCY MARRERO: Technical writer, student, mother & luchadora


AVOTCJA: ¡Doing the Afro/Indígena/Spanglsh thing hasta el hueso!


RENÉE DEL LA ARAÑA: Counselor, lecturer Raza Studies SFSU


JANETTE ÁLVAREZ: Xicana lesbian feminist & grad student


MAYA CHINCHILLA: Poet, educator, scholar, & filmmaker


ZEMAYA MARTÍNEZ: Curandera, poet, storyteller, filmmaker, educator


CATHY ARELLANO: San Francisco Mission District poet & educator


SOAD GRAYEB: Poeta, orgullosa madre y luchadora por sus ideales


GRISELDA SUAREZ: Xicana lesbian writer, artist & teacher


MATÚ & SISTA DRUM-Matú Feliciano: Conguera, composer, poet, the Bay Area’s Borincana/Garífuna  reincarnation of Olatunji.  Sista Drum is made up of her students & members of the legendary Sista Drum

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